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The Santa Fe Institute
The Past, Present, and Future of the Anthropocene

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 7:30PM
Lensic Performing Arts Center

The Santa Fe Institute<br>
The Past, Present, and Future of the Anthropocene
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The Santa Fe Institute presents Past, Present, and Future of the Anthropocene

"Anthropocene" reflects the unprecedented ways in which our species has shaped our planet. The Anthropocene began with the Great Acceleration, a period of exponential growth from population size to energy consumption. Another representation is the photo of a lonely, fragile blue planet against the backdrop of a vast darkness—as seen through the eyes of the Apollo mission. The Anthropocence is closely linked to the complex challenges of sustainability and the future fate of our species and planet.

What enabled our species to have such influence? What co-evolutionary processes led to the Anthropocene? How many transitions in the course of evolution predate the Anthropocence? What complex systems dynamics generated conditions for the Anthropocene? What is the future of humans in/post Anthropocene?

These are some of the questions that will be addressed by the panel linking SFI's focus on understanding complex systems with the events of the InterPlanetary Project. The panel will explore this unique moment, and will be moderated by SFI External Professor, Manfred Laubichler, a theoretical biologist and historian of science. He is President’s Professor of Theoretical Biology/History of Biology and Director of the Global Biosocial Complexity Initiative at ASU that includes the joint ASU-SFI center for Biosocial Complex Systems.

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