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Santa Fe Institute
Stanislaw Ulam Memorial Lecture Series Day 2

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 7:30PM
Lensic Performing Arts Center

Santa Fe Institute<br>Stanislaw Ulam Memorial Lecture Series Day 2
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Limits of Computers in Science and Society Lecture 2 - Data, Algorithms, Justice, and Fairness

Computers, algorithms, and artificial intelligence have touched every aspect of our society — from science, to communication, to the justice system. But despite their enormous power, computers have fundamental limits: problems that no program can solve, and thorny issues in fairness and human rights.

Algorithms are used today to predict whether defendants will show up for court, whether they should be released on bail, and whether they will be good citizens if given parole. How accurate are these algorithms? What data are they based on? And how fair are they to different groups of people? Over the past few years, a controversy has erupted over the issue of algorithmic fairness — whether these algorithms treat groups of people differently than others. Moore will lead us through how these algorithms work, what data they are based on, and how “fairness” and “accuracy” are slippery terms. Can decisions made by AIs be explained to humans affected by them? What recourse do we have if we disagree? Will algorithms help us move forward to a better future, or will they encode and enshrine the biases of the past?

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